Karien Vandekerkhove

Over the past years Karien Vandekerkhove has created a series of works in a variety of media and uses drawing, installation, scale models, objects and photography as her primary modes of expression. Sight, smell, space and undoubtedly 'memory' are regular actors in Vandekerkhove's presented projects. In writing and speaking about her work, she often uses terms like 'almost perfect' and ' sharply clean'.

More recently, the substance of ‘soap’ and the act of ‘washing’ have been introduced in several new works: “Necessità” presents pieces of furniture, coated with a thick layer of white soap while the “sKinHouse”- series are solo or multi shelter constructions built by separate pieces of washed and starched fabric. A frail and extra clean ‘brick’ to build a traditional structure that is radiating a ‘trance of ‘shimmering innocence’.

Ephemeral and transitive in nature, the works are made site-specific as a dynamic combination of cultural concepts and diverse values that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition.

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